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ESP Recruitment & Labour Hire assisting you with job interviews.

If an employer has been suitably impressed by your cover letter and resume, you will be invited for an interview. This is a face to face opportunity to demonstrate to the employer why they should employ you, and it’s also your opportunity to ask questions and get information about the company and the role.  Consider the interview as an exchange of information, rather than a daunting exercise!

Here are some tips and guidelines to help you through this stage of the process :

1. Demonstrate a genuine interest and passion for the role by researching the employer and preparing a range of questions. 

2. Have all of your information and other required documentation prepared, and in a professionally presented format. 

3. If possible, answer some practice questions and have some answers ready for ‘standard’ questions.  Be prepared to expand on your answers and to provide examples of the skills and competencies you have provided in your resume.

4. Dress appropriately!

5. Listen carefully during the interview and make sure you understand the questions being asked.

6. When answering questions, try to talk about your strengths and be positive throughout.

7. When it comes to asking questions, don’t be afraid to have some prepared questions, such as :
                - Is this a new position?
                - How would I be measured in this role?
                - What other career opportunities are available longer term?
                - What is the next step in the process, etc

8. Always leave a good impression – smile, firm handshake, positive closing statement – “Thank You and I look forward to hearing from  you.”

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